Wine Cellar

Create your own underground wine cellar, even in finished properties 


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Our projects range
from 18.000€ to 80.000€

Gain Space

Create an additional room in your property and increase its value.

Preserve and Organize

Create the optimal cellaring conditions and access to your wine collection


Customize your wine cellar with our accessories and personalization options.

10 years of warranty

Peace of mind assured.

Broad Range of Extras and functionalities

Discover the range of benefits from Helicave.


Full integration with your house.

Sustainability and Energy Savings

Concrete absorbs and maintains a constant temperature.


Check the financing options available.

Why Choosing Helicave?

Discover the benefits of Helicave

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Can I install Helicave?

Advices about where to install Helicave

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What are the options and Extras?

Discover the different choices for doors, lighting, security, etc

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2022 Helicave Brochure

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and Easy

Our approved installers have broad experience and guarantee a painless installing experience.

We can install the cellars all year round.

Helicave requires underground digging and cannot be installed in a flat.

No need for a new room.

We set up the room before the installation to avoid any harm to your property.

We clean and restore the space after the installation.

Happy customers refer us...

"Helicave allowed to increase space in my propierty and it solved the clutter and conservation issued I had with my wine collection."

Daniel Orueta

"My wine collection is no longer spread in the garage and kitchen. Thanks to Helicave everything is in order and perfectly accessible. Plus, it is the most spectacular cellar I have ever seen."

Oxer Basteguieta

"It increases the architectural value of my property and all my guests want to visit it over and over again"

Begoña Jiménez

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Create your own underground wine cellar, even in finished properties.

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